[Textures] Snow Leopard requires version 2.0b12

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at me.com
Fri Sep 4 08:59:29 EDT 2009

Le 4 sept. 2009 à 09:41, Gianni a écrit :

> The blue Sky sent me a temporary(!) solution that is to put just  
> after \begin{document} the following command:
> \def\default at color{cmyk 0. 0. 0. 1.}
> but this is not sufficient, the different labelitem are not in CMYK  
> black. To have the complete solution I should modify also the   
> "item" definition in latex.ltx.
> I should define
> \definecolor{black}{cmyk}{0,0,0,1.0}
> -- 
> and then change the following line
>  \sbox\@tempboxa{\makelabel{\color{black}#1}}%
> to have all the black in CMYK mode.
> I hoped this bug was not present in the new Textures but it is  
> always here!
> You think that now the Blue Sky will solve the problem?

I'm not familiar with that sort of things (color separation). If I  
understand you correctly it's not a Textures issue, it's an issue with  
the graphics and color packages and specifically with their Textures  
driver textures.def (in Inputs/•LaTeX).

If so, then I don't think anything has changed: for the moment all the  
driver definition files (for graphics, for hyperref, possibly others  
as well) have been left as they were when they were written years ago  
(in 1998 by Art Ogawa <http://www.tug.org/interviews/interview-files/arthur-ogawa.html 
 > for textures.def). Blue Sky is focusing instead on the software  
itself, whereas the update of the LaTeX support will come later I  
guess. With all the features and interfaces of Textures not set in  
stone at this moment, worrying about textures.def would be premature  
probably. For example, just between yesterday and today TeX Live  
Utility reported 37 package updates in TeX Live; trying to keep up  
with that evolution at this moment would be counter-productive for  
Textures development.

That said, have you tried to mail help at bluesky.com or suggest at bluesky.com 
  recently too? I'm not sure Blue Sky TeX Systems monitor this list,  
maybe you'd get an answer by mailing them directly.

Bruno Voisin

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