[Textures] Snow Leopard requires version 2.0b12

Gianni maschio at dmmm.uniroma1.it
Fri Sep 4 09:19:54 EDT 2009

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>Le 4 sept. 2009 à 09:41, Gianni a écrit :
>>The blue Sky sent me a temporary(!) solution that is to put just 
>>after \begin{document} the following command:
>>\def\default at color{cmyk 0. 0. 0. 1.}
>>but this is not sufficient, the different labelitem are not in CMYK 
>>black. To have the complete solution I should modify also the  
>>"item" definition in latex.ltx.
>>I should define
>>and then change the following line
>>  \sbox\@tempboxa{\makelabel{\color{black}#1}}%
>>to have all the black in CMYK mode.
>>I hoped this bug was not present in the new Textures but it is  always here!
>>You think that now the Blue Sky will solve the problem?
>I'm not familiar with that sort of things (color separation). If I 
>understand you correctly it's not a Textures issue, it's an issue 
>with  the graphics and color packages and specifically with their 
>Textures  driver textures.def (in Inputs/*LaTeX).
>If so, then I don't think anything has changed: for the moment all 
>the  driver definition files (for graphics, for hyperref, possibly 
>others  as well) have been left as they were when they were written 
>years ago  (in 1998 by Art Ogawa 
><http://www.tug.org/interviews/interview-files/arthur-ogawa.html > 
>for textures.def). Blue Sky is focusing instead on the software 
>itself, whereas the update of the LaTeX support will come later I 
>guess. With all the features and interfaces of Textures not set in 
>stone at this moment, worrying about textures.def would be premature 
>probably. For example, just between yesterday and today TeX Live 
>Utility reported 37 package updates in TeX Live; trying to keep up 
>with that evolution at this moment would be counter-productive for 
>Textures development.
>That said, have you tried to mail help at bluesky.com or 
>suggest at bluesky.com  recently too? I'm not sure Blue Sky TeX Systems 
>monitor this list,  maybe you'd get an answer by mailing them 

OK I will try that now. Thank you

g. maschio

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