[Textures] Test file

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at me.com
Mon Mar 7 05:10:29 EST 2011

On 6 mars 2011, at 20:11, Stanislaw Lech Woronowicz wrote:

> Yes, they are allowed. I got the zip file and it was possible to unzip it.
> However the resulting file with extension "map" was not recognized
> by my set of applications.

Thanks for checking. The file inside the zip archive was immaterial, I was just willing to see whether my message would be rejected because of a zip attachment, or whether it would be sent with the attachment scrapped, or whether it would be sent unchanged.

It's normal that the .map file does not make sense for OS X applications, it's a map file (ie a text file) for dvips. I was just looking for a file giving the smallest possible zip archive and I had this file at hand.

In about one day I should be sending a series of messages about font-related adaptations for Textures, and I was looking for the format in which to prepare the attachments. The series is not yet complete, it should be in about a day.

Bruno Voisin

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