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Bruno Voisin bvoisin at me.com
Thu Mar 10 13:12:58 EST 2011

Le 10 mars 2011 à 17:49, Paolo Matteucci a écrit :

> I think I’ll be a happy man when I manage to convert the Y&Y EM fonts for use with Textures —one of my long-standing «ambitions».

Should work as follows (I haven't tried):

- Check out Y&Y TeX from <http://code.google.com/p/yytex/source/checkout>.

- Take the 71 PFB files inside


open them one by one in FontForge, for each go to File > Generate Fonts, select the formats "TrueType (Symbol)" for emmi* (the math fonts) and "TrueType" for all the other fonts (the text fonts). Place the resulting TTF files in OS X's or Textures' Fonts directories.

- If you're planning to use the fonts in TeX 'n ANSI encoding, cd in Terminal to the directories


and in each run

	apply 'tftopl %1 | tr "\n" "\r" > `basename %1 .tfm`.pl' *.tfm
	/Developer/Tools/SetFile -t "TEXT" *.pl

Create in EdMetrics suitcases "EM LY1 Text Metrics" and "EM Math Metrics" to contain the text and math metrics, respectively, import the PL files one by one, set the PS names and encodings according to


place the suitcases in ~/Library/Application Support/Textures/Metrics.

Then get


place them inside ~/Library/Application Support/Textures/Inputs, and in your plain TeX input files add

	\input emplain.tex
	\input texnansi.tex

and in your LaTeX files


Try the test files inside fonts/em/test.

- You may want to use instead the Textures encoding you're probably more familiar with. In Terminal, cd to


and do as above 

	apply 'tftopl %1 | tr "\n" "\r" > `basename %1 .tfm`.pl' *.tfm
	/Developer/Tools/SetFile -t "TEXT" *.pl

Create a new metrics suitcase "EM LM1 Text Metrics" and import the new PL files inside, setting

	PostScript map -> Roman->MacintoshStandard
	PostScript encoding -> MacintoshStandard

and using


to check. Remove the former "EM LY1 Text Metrics" from Textures' Metrics folder and put "EM LM1 Text Metrics" there.

Then you should be able to use in plain TeX

	\input emplain.tex

and in LaTeX


Beware: in the tests I did with other fonts (see my messages to follow), LY1 encoding offered the French ligatures such as << and the German ligatures such as ,, while LM1 encoding didn't. I don't know whether that will appear here too.

Beware too: for the above (taken from the doc files inside the em folder) to work, it's possible that there should be a file lm1enc.def which I can't find either in Y&Y TeX or on the web. There's


but it' for the original Macintosh encoding (called mac by Y&Y) and not for the Textures Macintosh encoding (called texmac by Y&Y).

Good luck,


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