[Textures] Textures gone for good?

Paul J. Campbell campbell at beloit.edu
Sun Apr 14 13:20:46 EDT 2013

Bruno Voisin wrote on 29.1.2013:

>The Blue Sky TeX Systems web site www.bluesky.com has been down for several days now, ...
>Not feeling optimistic at all...


Sad to hear.

Any idea what happened?

I tried to find out (e.g., in Portland newspapers) but all I could discover was

Is your Textures still working? Mine was fine until last week.

Power failure last week messed up my HD. After backing up and reinstalling, I find that Textures 2.18 starts but tries to connect to Blue Sky to check installation key---and, of course, there's nothing there to verify it. Any suggestions?

So will I have to (finally) transition to TeXShop?

Thanks for your communications to the  list.

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