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Responding to Ron Wolff <wolff at ieor.berkeley.edu>

New news: Barry G[ordon] Smith
date of birth September 1 1953
date of death October 8 2012

Barry Gordon Smith passed away on October 8, 2012 in Portland.  

Married Mity Allegra De Fossati 26 July 1999. She was born 13 August 1941.


>So you or someone else received e-mail from Barry Smith's widow?

I did. She was irate that I had learned and written to her "private" 
email address---which is the one listed when the Blue Sky domain (and 
others) was (re)-registered in Oct.

>Would it be an imposition to ask her to supply again the links to 
>the automatic service to supply the Textures installation key?

I did ask her but so far no further response. I doubt that she would 
respond positively to another email to her "private" address.

>Explain that the Blue Sky web site is now gone

She knows that and does not seem at all motivated to get it back up. 
She is 71 years old and loves roses...

>and that this information would be made available (at least for a 
>while) to the Textures e-mail list.
>That service will be gone at some point too. Is there a way to get 
>the key itself?

I wish!!!

I am hoping that someone on this list got that info during whatever 
short interval the information was up on the Blue Sky site.

I have been unable to locate the main person who used to be behind 
help at bluesky.com, Gordon Lee [not the one in Portland who is a 
pianist]. I suspect he would be the person in the best position to 
help. Maybe someone else on the list can locate him and get in 

gives 6 people in Portland with that name and different middle 
initials (two with none), with (under "See full listing") phone 
numbers for a couple of them. I haven't tried them yet. Intelius 
eliminates Gordon J Lee (M.D.) but adds a couple more. LinkedIn shows 
lots of Gordon Lee but none near Portland (except the musician). I 
don't belong to any pay-for-info organziation and am not on FaceBook 
or Twitter---maybe someone can try there. The phone number given at 
Web registration sites for contacting him (555-555-5555) is blatantly 
phony. Of course, he may no longer be in the Portland area.

>The existence of this list attests to the fact that Textures did 
>some things very well, compared with alternatives, in spite of being 
>outdated in many ways.
>This is a plea that someone rescue the good things in Textures.




Any idea why I don't see in my incoming the msg I sent to the 
Textures list? I got a msg for a few days that that msg was delayed, 
but you seem to have gotten it.

The list page seems to be down, too.




>On 4/15/13 12:49 PM, Paul J. Campbell wrote:
>>Today, from widow of Barry Smith, the creator of Blue Sky Textures:
>>>The website for Blue Sky suffered a catastrophic crash at the 
>>>servers level, and that is the reason why it has been unavailable. 
>>>Unfortunately since my husband died recently neither have I had 
>>>the time nor the needed strength to attend to all that is 
>>>requested of me. ... After Barry died I had a page placed on the 
>>>portal explaining the circumstances, and left several links to the 
>>>automatic service that would have renewed the keys making 
>>>absolutely certain that everyone understood that would not be any 
>>>further upgrades to Textures ...
>>Does anyone have that info about the keys? (I could use it to bring 
>>my Textures back to life after HD crash.) The Wayback Machine did 
>>not crawl that page while it was up.
>>>...the person who created Textures and all of its upgrades is 
>>>dead, and I have no one to help me find out answers until the 
>>>original website can be restored, if ever.
>>>So perhaps your question " So will I have to (finally) transition 
>>>to TeXShop?" has a self contained answer within.
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