[OS X Emacs] "Paste" from clipboard in Aquamacs

David Reitter david.reitter at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 18:07:31 EST 2008

On 28 Feb 2008, at 21:39, Travis Jensen wrote:

> Thanks for the reply.  I played with this and it still doesn't put  
> it onto or get the text from the OS X clipboard (e.g. what happens  
> when you use the "Edit | Copy" or  "Edit | Paste" menu.  I had  
> assumed that command-c and command-v did that by default (I never  
> bothered to check :), but I'm guessing not now.

CUA is implemented using a number of hacks and it doesn't surprise  
that this may not work.

Did you remap Command to "option" in the System Preferences?
Then why don't you do something like the following with the `osxkeys- 
command-key' variable:

(osx-key-mode 0)
(setq osxkeys-command-key 'alt)
(setq  osx-key-mode-map (make-osx-key-mode-map))
(setq osx-key-low-priority-key-map (make-osx-key-low-priority-map))
(osx-key-mode 1)

I haven't tested this, but I think it could work.

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