[OS X Emacs] Switching from Carbon Emacs to Emacs.app

Lindsay Stirton Lindsay.Stirton at manchester.ac.uk
Sat Jan 5 13:37:48 EST 2008

Thanks, Pete, for your help so far. I have found your e-mail generally 
A few things started to make sense from your very full answer. However, I am
still not at the end of my journey.

> After you've created ~/.emacs_bash you can delete *shell* buffer and  
> create it anew. This one will already have the automatically updated  
> PATH so that a
> 	which pdflatex RET
> will tell where pdflatex is.

bash-3.2$ Macintosh:~ ljs$ which pdflatex
Macintosh:~ ljs$

Success! (I think).

> When you plan to install AUCTeX you'll need to find an immutable  
> place, one that is outside any application bundle (i.e. 
> /Applications/ <name.app>), because inside such a bundle your 
> addition can easily be  removed when updating this application. The 
> Mac OS X guide lines  (HID?) suggest something like "Application 
> Support/Emacs"

/Library/Application\ Support/emacs already exists.

The next decision would be where to
> install the TeX support files for AUCTeX and Preview-LaTeX. I don't  
> know exactly where it would need to be installed in MacTeX, in a TeX  
> Live <any year> installation it would be
> 	/usr/local/texlive/texmf-local
> i.e. outside that year's edition, because it's for ever and not  
> fashion. Then file(s) would be installed (with super-user privileges) 
>  into /usr/local/texlive/texmf-local/tex/latex/preview. For private 
> use
> 	~/Library/texmf
> would be fine. The same path can be used for the directory to install 
>  TeX related documentation (auctex-ref.pdf, auctex.pdf, preview.dvi 
> –  although I'm not sure whether texdoc would find them there).

I am afraid I struggled a bit to understand this part of your answer 
(although I
don't doubt that the fault is mine). There is /usr/local/gwTeX/texmf.local in
gwTeX. Isn't this taken care of with the following

./configure --with-lispdir=/Library/Application\ Support/emacs --
with-emacs=/Applications/Emacs.app/Contents/MacOS/Emacs --with-texmf-
dir=/usr/local/gwTeX/texmf.pkgs --with-doc-dir=/usr/local/gwTeX/texmf.pkgs

(This is just the command Pete gave in his example, with lowercase 'e' in the
diretory name 'emacs'. At any rate, with this, ./confugure and make work fine,
but I get this with sudo make install


Wrote /Library/Application Support/emacs/auctex-11.84/auto-loads.el
cat tex-site.el.out >tex-site.el
test Xno != Xno || cat auto-loads.el >>tex-site.el
echo "(provide 'tex-site)" >>tex-site.el ; \
	test Xno != Xno || echo ";;; tex-site.el ends here" >>tex-site.el
/Applications/Emacs.app/Contents/MacOS/Emacs -batch -q -no-site-file
-no-init-file -l lpath.el -f batch-byte-compile tex.el tex-buf.el tex-style.el
latex.el tex-info.el texmathp.el multi-prompt.el tex-mik.el font-latex.el
tex-font.el context.el context-en.el context-nl.el tex-fold.el toolbar-x.el
tex-bar.el bib-cite.el tex-fptex.el style/prosper.el style/slides.el   
style/foils.el     style/amstex.el style/article.el   style/book.el     
style/letter.el style/report.el    style/amsart.el    style/amsbook.el
style/epsf.el      style/psfig.el     style/latexinfo.el style/dutch.el 
    style/german.el    style/dk.el style/j-article.el style/j-book.el   
style/j-report.el style/jarticle.el  style/jbook.el     style/jreport.el
style/dinbrief.el  style/virtex.el    style/plfonts.el style/plhb.el    
  style/harvard.el	 style/swedish.el style/danish.el    style/slovak.el 
   style/czech.el style/amsmath.el   style/amstext.el   style/amsbsy.el
style/amsopn.el    style/amsthm.el	 style/natbib.el style/index.el    
style/makeidx.el   style/multind.el style/varioref.el  style/fancyref.el
style/mdwlist.el style/ngerman.el   style/graphicx.el	 style/graphics.el
style/verbatim.el  style/scrbase.el   style/scrartcl.el 
style/scrbook.el  style/scrreprt.el	 style/scrlttr2.el 
style/scrpage2.el  style/captcont.el style/subfigure.el 
style/paralist.el  style/booktabs.el  style/emp.el
style/jura.el      style/alphanum.el	 style/beamer.el style/alltt.el    
style/italian.el   style/doc.el style/ltxdoc.el    style/ltx-base.el
style/units.el style/nicefrac.el  style/url.el       style/listings.el
style/jurabib.el   style/csquotes.el  style/jsarticle.el 
style/jsbook.el   style/babel.el     style/dk-bib.el style/inputenc.el  
style/frenchb.el  style/francais.el style/MinionPro.el style/pdfsync.el 
style/polski.el tex-jp.el
Cannot open load file: lpath.el
make: *** [lisp] Error 255
Macintosh:auctex-11.84 ljs$

I have checked and lpath.el is in /Library/Application\
Support/emacs/auctex-ll.84. It contains

;;; This file is only used for installing AUCTeX.
;;; It is not a part of AUCTeX itself.

;; Make sure we get the right files.
(setq load-path (cons "." load-path)
      byte-compile-warnings nil
      TeX-lisp-directory "<none>"
      TeX-auto-global "<none>")

Sorry to be a bit thick here. If anyone can enlighten me I would be 
very happy,
having got this far with this issue.


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