[OS X Emacs] Switching from Carbon Emacs to Emacs.app

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Fri Jan 18 12:02:41 EST 2008

Am 18.01.2008 um 16:04 schrieb Adrian Robert:

> If you are certain the same or close-enough data is being passed
> (modulo size difference) you could try setting the
> process-connection-type variable.

This makes no difference. Except setting process-connection-type to  
nil kills the shell in *shell* buffer.

A difference I can see is the computed size of the PNG graphics for  
the same formula in the same marked region in the same LaTeX source  
file. GNU Emacs 23.0.60, the X client, yields in: 59.9607x59.9607,  
while Emacs.app leads to a 84.4534x84.496 value. This value is stable  
in both TeX-PDF-mode true or nil. Only when TeX-PDF-mode is nil, i.e.  
TeX produces old-fashioned DVI output, only then Preview-LaTeX  
succeeds. This is independent of process-connection-type and this is  
reproducible. With Carbon Emacsen no failure can be produced.

>   That and environment settings are
> the only things I can think of that could possibly vary from Emacs.app
> to Carbon version.

Significant differences can't be found ...



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