[OS X Emacs] Migration from TeXShop to Aquamacs Emacs

Thomas Käufl kaeufl at ira.uka.de
Wed Jul 23 15:18:08 EDT 2008

Am 2. Jul 2008 um 16:51 schrieb pacotomi:

> Le 2 juil. 08 à 15:22, Thomas Käufl a écrit :
> Perhaps this other way:
> in Aquamacs preference menu
> Environment -> I18n-> Mule -> File coding system alist
> ...

Thank you for your help -- I apologize for my late answer.

Following your first suggestion I made a mistake when
opening a buffer. I didn't add the suffix "tex" to the
name. Now everything works fine.

Some days ago, I found an old message of Pete Dyballa
in this list. He mentioned the function prefer-coding-system.
I tried his suggestion with the argument mac-roman-mac
and this worked too.

Thomas Käufl

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