[OS X Emacs] Spotlight and LaTex files

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Sun Jun 1 18:56:43 EDT 2008

Am 02.06.2008 um 00:07 schrieb aryasarah:

> Unfornuately Spotlight does not find LaTeX files (*.tex) after I  
> had saved them in Aquamacs. Instead Spotlight only finds the backup  
> files (*.tex˜).

This isn't the proper conclusion. What you need is a metadata  
importer. They've usually put into /Library/Spotlight (in /System/ 
Library/Spotlight Apple stores their own ones). The TeXShop  
application comes with an internal (inside the application's bundle)  
TeX.mdimporter. Originally it was written by Norm Gall: http:// 



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