[OS X Emacs] Carbon Emacs INFOPATH

Alastair Rankine arsptr at internode.on.net
Tue Jun 17 07:18:54 EDT 2008


So apparently setting Info-default-directory-list doesn't seem do  
anything in Carbon Emacs (Spring 2008).

According to the doco, the environment variable INFOPATH takes  
precendence, if it is set. From what I can see, INFOPATH is being set  
somewhere in Emacs.app, because (getenv "INFOPATH") returns the  


Pretty sure I'm not setting this myself manually.

Now I think that setting this environment variable the wrong thing to  
do because it is likely to overwrite any value for INFOPATH that I had  
set (which is admittedly unlikely, given that it would involve  
MacOSEnvironment.plist - or whatever it's called - shennanigans). But  
more importantly I can't do any twiddling of info directory paths  
using the officially-supported Info-default-directory-list variable.  
So a good solution would be to just not set INFOPATH at all.

As a compromise it might be OK to simply include a trailing colon on  
INFOPATH - according to the doco, this would concatenate the Info- 
default-directory-list when searching for info files.

Please correct me if I've misunderstood any of this.

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