[OS X Emacs] aquamacs scratch buffer

Ivan Werning iwerning at gmail.com
Wed May 14 16:34:33 EDT 2008

On May 14, 2008, at 9:31 AM, David Reitter wrote:

> On 14 May 2008, at 13:38, Ivan Werning wrote:
>> 1. Can I configure aquamacs not to open a scratch buffer? I always  
>> have to close this buffer and never use it.
> Have you tried inserting a (kill-buffer) into your Preferences.el  
> file?

This didn't work. I put it as the first line and got an error next  
time I opened.

>> 2. Also, can I configure aquamacs to open all the files that were  
>> previously open when I last quit aquamacs? (I love this option in  
>> Skim)
> Check out (desktop-save) and (desktop-read).
> I think turning on desktop-save-mode in your Preferences.el is enough:
> (desktop-save-mode 1)

This seems to work somewhat, but I'm not sure if it does correctly or  
as intended.

The first time I closed down it asked if I want to save the desktop  
(with a prompt in a minibuffer). Can it be setup so I am not asked? So  
it is saved automatically and quits instantly?

In any case, next times I closed down it didn't ask me that again,  
which I found odd, given the first prompt.

But the main problem seems to be that subsequent loading of aquamacs  
seem to open teh buffers but not the frames. For example, if I had to  
buffers open in separate frames and I quit, then when I open up again  
I get only one frame with one of the buffers (moreover, the size of  
this frame is not the size it used to be, instead it seems to be the  
default scratch frame size). If I then use the Buffer menu to go to  
the other buffer, it opens the other frame (in this case, sometimes  
remembering the frame size).

Is the fact that it doesn't open teh frames to be expected.

I think the remembering of size and positions of frames may be a  
separate issue unrelated to the fact that the frames just don't pop  
open automatically. I've had this problem of frame size/position for a  
while, tried to solve it and failed.


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