[OS X Emacs] Emacs -> Skim sync not workin'

Christopher Menzel cmenzel at tamu.edu
Fri Sep 19 19:41:21 EDT 2008


I have recently upgraded to a new iMac, so I might have broken  
something along the way (though I am using the same preference and  
customization files) but, while syncing from Skim to (Aquamacs) Emacs  
works as advertised with Cmd-Shift-<leftclick>, the opposite direction  
does not.  If I perform said gesture in my Emacs window, focus is  
shifted to Skim, but I am not taken to the corresponding point  
(highlighted by that nice little red dot) in the rendered PDF.   
Bidirectional syncing *did* work before my upgrade (and maybe since,  
I'm hazy there).

Googling and Wiki'ing has not uncovered a solution.  Ideas appreciated.

Chris Menzel

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