[OS X Emacs] [2.0 p2] Returning emacs standard command functionality

Roland Whitehead rolandw at mac.com
Wed Aug 12 08:33:23 EDT 2009

Running Aquamacs 2 preview 2, I notice that many of the standard  
keyboard functions have now been set to OS X style UI. Thus c-x c-f  
brings up the normal OS open file dialog. Now this might be good for  
the average user but I want to run tramp and open hidden files and  
access files by path. The average user can still used Cmd-o to open  
the normal OS open file dialog so shouldn't emacs commands be left  

As it is, what's the simplest way to return these mappings to standard  
emacs functionality? I'm getting fed up typing M-x find-file...

Quru Ltd, London

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