[OS X Emacs] Re: MacOSX-Emacs Digest, Vol 22, Issue 9

Roland Whitehead rolandw at mac.com
Thu Aug 13 18:31:39 EDT 2009

On 12 Aug 2009, at 20:00, David Reitter wrote in reply to my earlier  

>> Running Aquamacs 2 preview 2, I notice that many of the standard
>> keyboard functions have now been set to OS X style UI. Thus c-x c-f
>> brings up the normal OS open file dialog. Now this might be good for
>> the average user but I want to run tramp and open hidden files and
>> access files by path. The average user can still used Cmd-o to open
>> the normal OS open file dialog so shouldn't emacs commands be left
>> alone?
> Actually, this was not a deliberate change, and also I cannot
> reproduce the problem.  C-x C-f brings up the minibuffer as it used to
> - that's how I load my files.
> Can you reproduce this when starting Aquamacs w/o customizations  
> (Help/
> Diagnose menu)?
> Also, can you isolate the setting / problem and file a bug report via
> the official channel (Help/Diagnose menu again)?

Well, this shows how much emacs has got to me. Clearly not content  
with the standard emacs keyboard functionality in other Cocoa apps  
(like C-a, C-e, C-k, C-d, C-t) I have developed an odd habit of typing  
C-x C-s to save documents or C-x C-f to open documents in applications  
that haven't a clue what the button with "ctrl" printed on is for  
(like Safari, Preview etc), not to mention many other funnies (like  
alt-shift-4 to spell check a message in Mail etc,) and so I have used  
Keyboard Maestro to emulate emacs key bindings in other applications.  
These should be blocked in Aquamacs and various terminals where I  
might be running Emacs. Of course I forgot that I keep on renaming  
Aquamacs back to "Aquamacs Emacs.app" and running v2 pr2 in parallel  
to 1.8 I haven't renamed Aquamacs and so my Keyboard Maestro Macros  
have been kicking in before the combination is passed to Aquamacs  

So, apologies for causing alarm (if any has been caused) but it's my  
(personal and probably psychiatric) problem rather than Aquamacs'.

Anyone else suffering from such mad delusions and from the subconcious  
belief that not only is Emacs infinitely superior to Vi but that it's  
also superior to so many other apps combined...?

Quru Limited, London

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