[OS X Emacs] Aquamacs 2.0preview2: bug in setting kill ring

Stefan Vollmar vollmar at nf.mpg.de
Sat Aug 15 12:30:24 EDT 2009


the following behaviour has been observed with org-mode 6.29trans on  
several installations: when trying to re-file a tree with C-c $ (bound  
to org-archive.el) Aquamacs 2.0pr2 complains "The kill is not a  
(setof) tree(s) - please use ^Y to yank anyway".

Carsten Dominik, org-mode's main author, kindly looked into this  
problem and finds:

> In Aquamacs Distribution 2.0preview2, at least the following commands
> fail to set the kill ring appropriately:
>    (copy-region-as-kill beg end)
>    (kill-region beg end)
> After these commands, in normal Emacs operations,
>    (current-kill 0)
> will return the content of the copied/killed region.  Not so
> in Aquamacs.  This breaks Org-mode and presumably other
> packages that will use these function calls.
> This used to work in earlier version of Aquamacs.

Many thanks for any help with this.
Warm regards,
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