[OS X Emacs] Re: auto-close pairs/skeleton-pair and German keyboard layout

Johannes Brauer brauer at nordakademie.de
Wed Mar 18 04:36:37 EDT 2009

Am 16.03.2009 um 21:33 schrieb David Reitter:

> On Mar 16, 2009, at 3:49 PM, Johannes Brauer wrote:
>> I installed AutoPairs, too. I works in any application exept in  
>> Aquamacs. Typing ( for example I get ()) - 2 closing parentheses.  
>> The same happens with braces and square brackets.
> I reproduce.  However, this is not the case for non-emulated  
> keyboard layouts, nor for Cocoa Aquamacs (based on Emacs 23), which  
> can be downloaded as an early test version here (please do not  
> distribute or announce anywhere):
> http://braeburn.aquamacs.org/23/   [This is work-in-progress.]
I will give it a try



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