[OS X Emacs] how to get arrows in fringes

David Reitter david.reitter at gmail.com
Wed Oct 21 11:53:31 EDT 2009

On Oct 21, 2009, at 11:14 AM, <siemsen at ucar.edu> <siemsen at ucar.edu>  

> I'm running Aquamacs version "2.0preview".  When lines are too long  
> to fit in a frame, I want to see little curved arrows in the fringe,  
> indicating that the line has been continued on a new line.  I've  
> played with various settings in Options -> View -> Fringe, but I  
> can't seem to make the arrows appear.  I know it's possible to see  
> arrows, because I've seen them in version 1.9.  Is this something  
> that changed in 2.0, or am I just not finding the right setting?

These arrows have been removed for word-wrap (Soft Wrap) mode.  I'm  
not sure how easy it would be to get them back - the fringe is  
generally quite customizable.
The change makes sense because wrapped lines are the normal case in  
soft-wrapped documents.

If you turn off word wrapping, you'll see the dots or arrows again.

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