[OS X Emacs] font-latex-user-keyword-classes

Per Eriksson eriper.2 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 20 14:20:09 EDT 2010

Dear macosx-emacs mailing-list,

I'm running aquamacs 1.9 and are trying to add syntax highlighting  
for various latex commands
in the form of \command[...][...]{...} or \command{...} (e.g. \citet  
\citep \citealp)

When I add a "command" to the "Font Latex User Keyword Classes" in  
the AUCTex configuration menu as a "Keyword with Specs" the command  
is highlighted in purple while the arguments remain text-black  
although I have specified another face attribute for it.

Can anyone aid me with a solution to this problem ?

Best regards,
P. Eriksson

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