[OS X Emacs] Problems with org-mode

Iannis Zannos zannos at gmail.com
Thu Nov 11 22:46:30 EST 2010

Hello Robert,

I apologize that my answer is not a "real answer" to the Aquamacs question
but still, let me say: Why use Aquamacs and not http://emacsformacosx.com/ ?
Having briefly tried both, I definitely prefer the latter. It has no
problems with faces on org
mode agenda, and it has all the functionality that I expect from EMACS plus
more than
sufficient integration of MacOS X including mouse compatibility. Hope this


Iannis Zannos

I'm using the org-mode from git on Aquamacs nightly, and I find that the
> agenda doesn't display using the proper faces.
> In particular, the DONE items in my daily agenda are displayed with DONE
> in red, rather than in the dull green they should be (org-done-face).
> The stuff is being shown (AFAICT using C-u C-x =) in org-todo instead.
> I have verified that the same thing happens using the version of org
> that comes with Aquamacs.
> It does NOT happen when I start Aquamacs without customizations.
> Has anyone had experience with this?
> The only things I can think of that might help are:
> 1.  I use my own org-todo-keywords;
> 2.  I have TRIED not to use auto faces, but I find that when I un-choose
> the auto-faces check box (1) aquamacs does NOT prompt me to save options
> (2) if I quit and restart the auto-faces check box comes back.
> I have tried reading the manual about Aquamacs auto-faces and I confess
> to not understanding at all how it relates to the standard emacs faces.
>  Is there some explanation of this somewhere that might help me grok it?
>  I also confess that I find emacs faces already more than sufficiently
> confusing, without adding anything further to the mix! ;-)
> I've tried asking on the org-mode mailing list with little success
> thanks for any help,
> r
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