[OS X Emacs] next-line at bottom of screen

Nick Rothwell nick at cassiel.com
Sun Nov 21 05:41:48 EST 2010

Next-line doesn't always actually advance to the next line if the cursor is at the bottom of the frame; sometimes the text is shifted slightly (as if to get the bottom line completely into view) but the cursor doesn't move. This is especially noticeable if the frame is not very high. Screen-grab video here:


As an aside, I notice that a "native" Emacs repositions the cursor line to the centre of the frame once it hits either end, whereas Aquamacs doesn't. I'm sure this is a bit of lisp config somewhere, and I might try to modify my Aquamacs to follow suit, but I thought I'd report this issue first.

	-- N.

Nick Rothwell / Cassiel.com Limited

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