[OS X Emacs] Re: Aquamacs 2.1: transient-mark-mode going berserk on me

Christian Kirsch ck at bru6.de
Fri Oct 1 11:40:00 EDT 2010

David Reitter schrieb:
> On Oct 1, 2010, at 10:52 AM, <peter.frings at agfa.com> <peter.frings at agfa.com> wrote:
>>> Since we're two at least, may be it will be considered a bug rather than
>>> a feature ;-)
>> Make that three, but I have it on Carbon Emacs. When I'm getting really annoyed by it, I restart emacs. That solves it for a while. 
> Unless I misunderstand people here: It's a long-standing feature of Emacs.
> C-SPC sets and activates the mark.  Thus, you will have an active region which goes between mark and point - moving point will not deactivate it.
> A single C-SPC press should deactivate the mark again.  If it really does not, then a proper bug report would be appropriate!
> It's quite useful to have, albeit I can see that people might hit C-SPC occasionally by mistake.  Those people could try binding C-SPC to 'ignore, in the appropriate (CUA?) key map.


you're right, and my description was wrong. Of course, C-SPC sets the
mark and moving the cursor afterwards selects. That's ok and that's what
I expect.

I just confirmed that it works *now* as advertised. I can turn of the
selection with C-g etc.

However, *sometimes* this does not work. The selections gets turned on
even though I did not use C-SPC. In this "beserk"-mode, C-SPC does not
turn it off again, neither does C-g. To be more precise: C-g turns of
the highlight, but if I move the cursor again with one of the arrow
keys, I get a highlighted selection again. It behaves as if C-g would
not only have turned off the current selection but had moved the mark as
well. In this situation, only a C-SPC C-SPC (i.e. set/remove mark)
helps, but as soon as I mark a region afterwards, I get the same kind of
persistent selection behavior again.

This behavior is erratical, which makes it difficult to provide a bug
report right now. I'll try to do so if and when I encounter it again. In
any case, I'm fairly sure that it did not happen with Aquamacs before
version 2.


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