[OS X Emacs] Re: Aquamacs 2.1: transient-mark-mode going berserk on me

Jack Repenning jrepenning at collab.net
Fri Oct 1 12:27:36 EDT 2010

On Oct 1, 2010, at 8:40 AM, Christian Kirsch wrote:

> However, *sometimes* this does not work. The selections gets turned on
> even though I did not use C-SPC. In this "beserk"-mode, C-SPC does not
> turn it off again, neither does C-g. To be more precise: C-g turns of
> the highlight, but if I move the cursor again with one of the arrow
> keys, I get a highlighted selection again. It behaves as if C-g would
> not only have turned off the current selection but had moved the mark as
> well. In this situation, only a C-SPC C-SPC (i.e. set/remove mark)
> helps, but as soon as I mark a region afterwards, I get the same kind of
> persistent selection behavior again.

This behavior (the behavior you don't like) sounds a bit like the intended effect of the flag variable mark-even-if-inactive. Check that variable's description for more details, and check its setting (both when things are working right, and the next time they flip out).

Of course, if that variable is the explanation, we still need to figure out why it's getting set and unset randomly ...

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