[OS X Emacs] mapping for meta key…

Viktor Hedefalk hedefalk at gmail.com
Sun Oct 3 15:50:23 EDT 2010


I'm having some trouble setting up my preferred key bindings for
aquamacs. What I would like is the following:

Command -> Command (untouched)
Option/alt -> Option/alt (untouched)
caps lock -> ctrl (since the old sun keyboards where I started using
emacs had the ctrl-key there)
ctrl -> meta (since I need a meta and it's about the right place. Esc
doesn't do it for me)

I've installed keymap4macbook to remap caps lock to ctrl. Then I
thought that I could emap ctrl to meta with:

(setq mac-control-modifier 'meta)

in my Preferences.el but then of course also the caps lock key got
mapped to meta as well since the keymap4macbook is applied before the
emacs rewiring.

Does anybody have any suggestion how I could get this keyboard layout to work?

Best regards!

I sent this just a couple of minutes ago, but I think it was before I
was registered to the list so I think it might have been lost in
cyberspace. If you got two of these, I'm sorry.

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