[OS X Emacs] Aquamacs ignores initial-frame-alist height?

Patrik Jonsson patrik-junk at familjenjonsson.org
Tue Jan 11 12:42:25 EST 2011

Hi David,
Thanks for responding.

On Tue, Jan 11, 2011 at 11:06 AM, David Reitter <david.reitter at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Jan 10, 2011, at 4:38 PM, Patrik Jonsson wrote:
>> initial-frame-alist (which initially was set to 118 I think) to a
>> higher number, but whatever larger value I set it to (128, 138...)
>> seems to have no effect; the initial frame is always the same,
>> slightly-too-small, height. (Setting it to a *smaller* value, though,
>> does make the frame smaller.)
> I can't reproduce this.
> If you can isolate the problem by removing your personal settings (.emacs, customizations.el, Preferences.el etc), I could try again to figure out what's happening.
> Relevant details here are whether you've got the toolbar enabled, if fonts other than the defaults are used, if aquamacs-autoface-mode is on.
>  I also assume that you'd like the initial frame on the main screen (where the menu bar is).  Where is the Dock?  Note that if the Dock is on the same screen, then Aquamacs will not open a frame that would overlap with the Dock (OS X standard behavior).

Ok, the culprit appears to be the toolbar. The extra space at the
bottom is exactly what's taken up if the toolbar is turned on (I have
it off). I removed all preferences files, and with the toolbar
visible, I can resize the frame and when it starts up it's in the
correct size and position. If I disable the toolbar, save as frame
default, and restart, the frame starts out smaller. The frame height
property is 116, if I resize the window to fill the screen, it's 118,
and when I look in frame-positions.el in the Preferences directory, it

(if (fboundp (quote smart-frame-set-initial-frame-alist))
(smart-frame-set-initial-frame-alist (quote ((left . 1200) (top . 1)
(width . 146) (height . 118)))))

Nevertheless, upon next startup, it's back to 116.

The emacs window is not on the monitor that has either the menu bar or
the dock, so it can safely fill the entire screen. (The dock is in any
case hidden.)  Auto-face-mode is on, and while I do use a customized
font for the programming modes, the scratch buffer has the default

> I had no trouble maximizing the frame, then reading its height using (frame-parameter nil 'height), and then setting the height in my initial-frame-alist via
> (setq initial-frame-alist (cons '(height . 68) initial-frame-alist))

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