[OS X Emacs] German quotes in Aquamacs 2.4

Jürgen Fenn schneeschmelze at googlemail.com
Thu Jan 5 15:57:49 EST 2012

Am 5. Januar 2012 15:23 schrieb David Reitter <david.reitter at gmail.com>:

>> Sorry I forgot to say that I had already switched to "Option & German"
>> and "Right option is Meta", to no avail.
> Yes, but if you switch to "Option for composed characters" and "Right Option is Meta",  the left Option key will do what it does elsewhere on the Mac.  Do we need to update the manual?  Let me know.

Thanks, David, this really does the trick. I can input „“ now as
usual. That's fine.

Now I have one more question: When selecting text from a buffer I have
to use Command-c (⌘-c) for copying. In earlier versions of Emacs this
was not necessary. When you selected text it was copied at the same
time. Has there been a change with copy and paste in Emacs since 22.3,
or is this in Aquamacs only?


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