[OS X Emacs] hook for LaTeX mode

David Reitter david.reitter at gmail.com
Tue Mar 25 18:12:56 EDT 2014

On Mar 25, 2014, at 5:44 PM, Stephen Anderson <sra at yale.edu> wrote:
>> LaTeX/PS mode defined in `tex-site.el':
>> Major mode in AUCTeX for editing LaTeX files.
>> See info under AUCTeX for full documentation.
> However, there is nothing in tex-site.el about “LaTeX/PS” mode (a search for that string yields no result).  There is also nothing about this that I can find in the AUCTeX documentation.

Wow, that is really misleading. (And AUCTeX is responsible, I think.)
C-h v major-mode RET should show `latex-mode’.

> I can tell that my .emacs file is being read, because a number of other customizations (personal functions and their keybindings, etc.) are being stalled, and LaTeX-mode-hook is being set as I specify there.  However, that hook is not being run, presumably because whatever this mode is, it doesn’t count as “LaTeX-mode”. [I did delete the now-obsolete LaTeX-install-toolbar from the hook, but that doesn’t change anything.]

Have  you tried starting Aquamacs without customizations (via Help/Diagnose menu).  What happens?

Keep in mind that Aquamacs loads initialization files including your personal preferences from many different locations (see Aquamacs manual).

LaTeX-mode-hook should be run when you enter latex-mode.

When you type M-x latex-mode RET, does it start up a different mode?
If so, take a look at `auto-mode-alist’ and `magic-mode-alist’.
Perhaps you’re running some other mode when loading .tex files.

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