[OS X Emacs] Synchronizing customizations/preferences/configs between computers

Steve Perry stp at ekioh.com
Sat May 10 11:59:59 EDT 2014

"Mark H. David" <mhd at yv.org> writes:
> I have started to do this sort of thing with a combination of Dropbox and a git repo, too.
> I have a repo directory in my dropbox folder, something like ~/Dropbox/config.  
> Then as part of setting up a new machine, I get Dropbox going.
> Then I have to do a bunch of soft link commands (ln -s …) that I keep a list of in a text file I keep on Dropbox with a bunch of notes like this.
> I still find this kind of tedious.
> Does anyone have any tips for doing this a different or better way?

My approach is to keep my main Emacs init file (and other custom things
that I use) in a public Dropbox folder and then have a very simple
.emacs on every machine that I use that loads the main init file from
Dropbox.  The main init file contains code for checking which machine
it's running on and configures itself accordingly.

For machines which I use occasionally but don't want to connect to
Dropbox (servers for example) I just wget the init file from the public
folder, and save it as my .emacs.

For me the trick to making this work is just to ensure that all config,
even the machine specific stuff, always end up in the init file on


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