[OS X Emacs] Delay opening HTML files from a shell

David Reitter david.reitter at gmail.com
Thu Jun 6 22:19:51 EDT 2019


> 1.  I’m sorry I wasn’t more clear, but the replication steps you took do not relate to the problem.  The issue is not about opening Aquamacs from a Terminal shell.  The problem is opening an HTML file from within a process that is running from within Aquamacs.  So, Aquamacs is running, I open a shell process with M-x shell, and then try to open a file.  Another way to replicate is to start an ESS process (M-x R), and then ask for an HTML help file ( ?mean ) .
> BTW, although my problem was with HTML files, I can replicate Win Treese’s delay when opening a text file from within an Aquamacs shell.  In fact, not only do I get this problem when TextEdit is the default reader, there is also a delay when text files are opened by default with Aquamacs!

I did try that earlier too — no replication, instant response.
The case of “?mean” also works perfectly.

> But just in case, I re-cloned the repository (a pull and rebuild generated errors), and recompiled using ./build-aquamacs.  The results:

That has to do with an Emacs build problem — I’ll let them fix it.  They probably already have in a newer version.

Either way, we offer pre-made nightly builds on the website.

> 3.  I ran the lrregister command below, as requested, and then restarted my computer.  This did not solve the problem.

OK, thanks.

I’m assuming you’re not getting this delay when opening a file from Finder, dragging/dropping onto the Aquamacs icon in the Dock, or when typing “open x.txt” from a shell in Terminal, correct?

Again, I’d ask that you try to replicate with an Aquamacs started without configuration (Help->Diagnose), although I suspect this might just open the file in the Aquamacs that is already running with configuration.  In that case one would have to manually start it with “-q” from the command line or remove all config files.


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