[OS X Emacs] aquamacs interacting incorrectly with git (and .org site not working)

David Reitter david.reitter at gmail.com
Mon Mar 4 09:09:59 EST 2019

On Mar 3, 2019, at 7:34 PM, David Romano <dromano at stanford.edu> wrote:
> Thanks David (and Peter),
> I'm not familiar with emacsclient, so I may to look into Peter's suggestion, but I'm not sure I understand when you say 
> If you run Aquamacs with the GUI, the command returns immediately.  
> I thought that's what I was doing:  Having run `git config --global  core.editor aquamacs`, the Aquamacs GUI popped up when I ran `git commit`, but after I saved the buffer or quit the GUI, `git log' showed there was no effect.  Or am I misunderstanding you?

Check the terminal window while you’re still editing the file.  I bet the message is there already before you save / quit Aquamacs.

If you do M-x server-start in Aquamacs, and then use EDITOR=emacsclient, it should work — because if you call emacsclient from the command line, it will wait until you’re done editing the file.  You don’t need to quit Aquamacs.

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