[OS X Emacs] [SPAM] [SPAM] Aquamacs 3.5 problems; error in Aquamacs FAQ

Win Treese treese at acm.org
Fri May 22 21:21:00 EDT 2020

Hi, John. Sorry to be slow in responding—was trying to understand too many problems at once! Some notes inlined below.

> On Apr 24, 2020, at 2:18 PM, John Hosack <hosack410 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I have recenly started using Aquamacs  3.5 on MacOS 10.15.4 after
> using Aquamacs for many years on earlier versions of MacOS.
> There are several problems.
> (1) I want to save my Options/Appearance/font for future invocations
> (restart) of Aquamacs.  The Aquamacs Faq (2020 Feb 18) under
> "Changing the current and default font"  states: "To make the
> current frame’s font the default for all files of this type, select
> Options → Appearance → Adopt Face and Frame Parameters as Default".
> There is no "Adopt Face and Frame Parameters as Default".  There is an
> "Auto Faces" option, but it is not clear which (if any) of the choices
> under Auto Faces is relevant.  I tried some, but upon Aquamacs
> restart the old font was used. So, how do I save the options for
> Aquamacs restarts?

I think the documentation wasn’t updated when the process for doing
that changed. I haven’t tried this, but it looks like if you go to
Appearance->Custom Themes you can turn your current settings into 
theme to use. I’ll verify the right thing and fix up the documentation for the
next version.

> (2) Drop down menus do not work correctly. In the  list
> "Aquamacs File Options Tools Window Help"  all except
> "Aquamacs" usually require a second mouse-down to drop
> the menu. A double click usually works; a mouse-over usually
> does not work.

I hope you’ve seen the other discussion about this.

> (3) Flyspell  does not open properly. When flyspell starts
> (in text mode, etc) I get:
> 'Error in post-command hook (flyspell-post-command-hook):
> (Error "Buffer untitled has no process”)'

Do you have any customization for flyspell? In particular, what is the value
of the variable ispell-program-name?

> Any help with these would be appreciated. Or, as a last resort,
> a link to download Aquamacs 3.4.

Aquamacs 3.4 is available at https://github.com/davidswelt/aquamacs-emacs/releases/download/Aquamacs-3.4/Aquamacs-Emacs-3.4.dmg, although I hope we can get things working for you on 3.5.


- Win

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