[OS X Emacs] Another problem with updating packages. AucTeX

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Wed Nov 25 19:17:51 EST 2020

> Am 26.11.2020 um 00:56 schrieb Elliott Roper <elliott at yrl.co.uk>:
> If re-installing TeX Live and Aquamacs IS sufficient

No, they're certainly not. TeX Live is completely innocent, it's more of a dependency (although I recently found that dblatex won't build as mactex variant with TeX Live 2019 in MacPorts), it only has to be there or otherwise you would not need AUCTeX. The problem is likely in ELPA. There might be some dependency of another package from AUCTeX. Another option could be that the registry DB of ELPA is corrupt and cannot delete AUCTeX. And ELPA itself is just an add-on to Aquamacs. Maybe it helps to remove this one, ELPA – after you recorded which packages are installed right now.



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