[Mac OS X TeX] Selection of matching parentheses

Bruno Voisin Bruno.Voisin at hmg.inpg.fr
Tue Jan 15 08:58:31 EST 2002

> do not click twice on a parenthesis
> disable this feature in the prefs.

Thanks, but that's not what I meant, I wasn't speaking of clicking 
(either once or twice).

What I meant is that when you select (with the mouse) one parenthesis 
(same is true for curly brace) the selection is automatically extended 
to the matching parenthesis, so that your selection becomes the two 
parentheses and the text in between, regardless of what you were 
actually looking for.

I tried to disable "Balance parentheses" in the Prefs, this doesn't help.

Bruno Voisin

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