[OS X TeX] Styles or macros for preparing posters, and how to use TeXShop for this

Thomas Schröder thomas at t-schroeder.de
Sun Jun 2 05:55:54 EDT 2002


> Sorry, for my last message to be understandable I forgot something 
> essential: I eventually need to import the poster inside PowerPoint, 
> cos' this is where the template with my lab/university/CNRS logos was 
> prepared, and if the logos are missing my lab/university/CNRS won't be 
> happy at all!

Why don't you extract the logos from Powerpoint? That's what I did and 
could from then on compose my posters with LaTeX :-)
This approach might also still be faster because you're spared from all 
kinds of hassles due to Powerpoint, especially when it comes to 
printing. LaTeX and friends give you very stable and trouble free 
output, whereas this is one of Powerpoint's major weaknesses and not to 
be underestimated in your schedule. When we did our first experiments 
with posters, it took about 5 or 6 shots, until the poster came out 
right from the printer. Needless to say that we were in a very tight 
schedule, resulting in many a gray hair...

     Ciao, Thomas

Thomas Schröder +++ schlumpf at mac.com

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