[OS X TeX] Arial (or similar) font in TeX

William Adams wadams at atlis.com
Wed Jun 26 13:13:58 EDT 2002

On 6/26/02 12:52 PM, "Don Stark" <drstark at nps.navy.mil> wrote:

> I was intrigued, so I tried this in word. At 36 pt the only difference I can
> see is with the capital G. In Arial the bottom of the "G" curves smoothly
> with no hook. With Helvetica, the bottom portion of the G is capped by what
> almost looks like an arrow head. Are there other differences that I'm
> missing?

and the Gary replied:
>Yes, the upper case G is different, but so are the upper and lower case "r".
>The kerning seems to be almost identical (I did this at 48 pts with Arial
>and Helvetica, not Helvetica neue).

Also, the ``A'' in Arial is slightly wider, and has a larger ink (light)
trap at the top to lighten it up somewhat (there're other small, subtle
adjustments like that which lead to Arial being characterized as, ``not
as heavy'' and ``sprightlier'' than Helvetica.

Helvetica Neue was re-drawn (some would say sanitized) and has different
metrics from the original Helvetica and is available in a large range of
weights without the stylistic clashes one would get with the original
Helvetica (which was assembled from a disparate collection of sans like
Franklin Gothic was).


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