[OS X TeX] New KOMA package for TeXShop?

Matthias Damm osxtex at macpla.net
Wed Jun 26 12:35:27 EDT 2002

Hello everyone, especially Gerben...

There is a major update for the KOMA-script package.

I would like to use it with TeXShop and iTeXMac. I even think I might be
able to successfully install it into my texmf.local tree myself...

But nevertheless I would like to ask when the package will be able via a
teTeX update or if there will be a special installer for this package from

I definitely was able to wait some days or weeks if there was a
trouble-free way of updating after that time...

Thanks in advance,
best regards,
Matthias Damm <m.damm at web.de>
PGP key available
"Ein Optimist, wer unsere Welt für die beste aller möglichen hält;
ein Pessimist, wer fürchtet, daß dies stimmt" - James Branch Cabell

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