[OS X TeX] iTeXMac icons and TeXShop

jerome LAURENS jerome.laurens at u-bourgogne.fr
Wed Mar 13 09:02:02 EST 2002

Le mardi 12 mars 2002, à 12:03 AM, Bruce D'Arcus a écrit :

> I am going to SCREAM!!!  I thought your suggestion worked Michael, but 
> it didn't.  I have tried everything, and nothing solves the problem 
> (deleting the LS pref files not once, but like five times, and deleting 
> every possible file associated with iTeXMac).
> Any suggestions on where the problem lies?  Is there something about 
> how TeXShop writes files that would leave it prone to this?  I note 
> that the files in question have the following creator codes:  TeXs 54 
> 65 58 73.  The type code is TEXT 54 45 58 54.

Don't know if it helps but
iTeXMac creator code is iTMx, all files saved by iTeXMac have type TEXT 
and no creator :???? with
unchanged other attributes.
Is iTeXMac listed in the list of applications in the information panel 
of a .tex file? If it is the case, you might have left some iTeXMac file 
somewhere or LS is buggy.

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