[OS X TeX] What happened to Graphics_In_Plain_TeX?

Bernd Thaller bernd.thaller at uni-graz.at
Fri Sep 27 10:04:34 EDT 2002

>At 17:18 Uhr +0200 26.09.2002, Bruno Voisin wrote:
>>I'd like to use pdf-graphics in plain TeX and until a month ago the  method
>>described in the folder Graphics_In_Plain_TeX of the TeXShop  distribution
>>worked fine for me.
>>Now I suddenly get strange error messages  <snip>
>For me everything works and I get <snip>
>It looks like, at about the same time you get an error, in my case 
>the  context file supp-pdf.tex is read. Did you remove context 
>support files  (in directory 
>/usr/local/teTeX/share/texmf/tex/context/base/)? The file 
>pdftex.def, which is being processed when you get an error, contains 
>near its end the lines:

No, I didn't remove any files (why should I?) and I didn't touch the 
teTeX installation
(at least not deliberately). Also, all files like supp-pdf.tex and 
supp-mis.tex appeared to be in place.
It is also strange that I detected the same error on two computers (at home and
at work). Re-running the thin dedicated i-Installer didn't cure the problem.
But thanks to Bruno Voisin's hints I know that the problem is with my 
installation only.
So I used the radical method: I removed usr/local/teTeX-folder completely,
downloaded the fat i-Installer, and installed everything from the 
very beginning.
Now it works again.

Thank you,
Bernd Thaller

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