[OS X TeX] Fwd: Unwanted files have which extensions?

Stefan Walsen stefan at walsen.net
Mon Aug 16 15:23:14 EDT 2004

Josep M.Font wrote:
> El 16 ago 2004, a las 12:41, Will Robertson escribió:
> I have three suggestions related to this issue:
> 1) I suppose it will be easy to customize the list of extensions in the 
> list, e.g., sometimes I will want to keep the "bbl" file but trash the 
> rest.

This is very easy to change when done from a script, but more 
complicated when integrated like in your second suggestion.
But those files are all generated automatically, and I can't think of 
any circumstance where you'd want to keep some and trash the rest.

> 3) A suggestion for the design of TeXShop: Make all the "related" files 
> accessible within TeXShop itself. I.e., now you can access your 
> "file.tex" and "file.pdf" from the bottom section of the Window menu. If 
> you are dealing with several files at the same time, this becomes a bit 
> cluttered, but nevertheless you can only access the source and the pdf. 
> I would thus suggest that each main file writes a single entry in the 
> Window menu, and that all the related files appear in a submenu, to the 
> left. And even more, I would also suggest a different scheme of key 
> equivalent for this, instead of the command-1 to jump back-and-forth 
> between source and pdf. For instance, using the control key plus an 
> alphabetic modifier: ctrl + : s for source, p for pdf, c for console, a 
> for aux, b for bbl, l for log, i for ind, t for toc... and 
> user-customizable, too.

As i just mentioned, in general none of these are edited by hand. 
_Maybe_ you'd want to look inside the main (.log), index (.idl) or 
bibtex (.bbl) log files - but this is only for finding some very obscure 
errors, and probably not worth integrating into an editor.

Something I'd like to see in TeXShop would be keyboard shortcuts for the 
Scripts menu ... maybe just Shift-Command-1..9 for the first 9 entries 
in the menu, or maybe for the entries in the first submenu, and then you 
could arrange your most needed scripts there?

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