[OS X TeX] Mxdvi (another gem form Japan) and LyX

Ramon M. Figueroa-Centeno ramonf at hawaii.edu
Wed May 19 01:00:43 EDT 2004

A great and  free alternative to MacDviX and xdvi is Takanori Uchiyama's
Mxdvi found at <http://macptex.appi.keio.ac.jp/%7Euchiyama/macptex.html>
(the page is in Japanese, but documentation in English is provided).

Now, Another great effort is LyX/ Mac
<http://www.18james.com/lyx_on_aqua.html> by Ronald Florence, which is
capable of reverse DVI search with either xdvi or MacDviX. Therefore, I was
curious to see if I could do the same with Mxdvi.

The instructions below assume that you have read the documentation for both
pieces of software and that you know about things like shell scripts, etc.

After emailing Prof. Uchiyama he explained a couple of things  that enabled
me to get things to work, that is, Mxdvi passes the name of the file back to
the calling application, but not the path to it (unlike MacDviX). However,
it does change the working directory.

Here is the solution:

I created the following shell script named Mxdvi2LyX in the same directory
as Mxdvi (you could place it anywhere; make sure that it is executable).

/Applications/LyX.app/Contents/MacOS/lyxeditor "`pwd`/$1" $2

Then I modified Mxdvi.plist by adding the lines:

    <string>/Applications/Mxdvi/Mxdvi2Lyx %f %l</string>

Now, things work like a charm.

Finally, let me make a couple of comments. First, Mxdvi uses control-click,
not (option-click). Second, Mxdvi seems to be incompatible with haxies
(FruitMenu, ICeCoffEE, WindowShade X, etc.), so I added it to the Exclude
Lists for the APE Manager, for each of them. I have also added iTeXMac and
TeXShop, and things seem more stable in my computer now.


P.S.: If you want Mxdvi to interact with iTeXMac or TeXShop and are having
difficulties, you could try a similar solution. I have not tried it out,


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