[OS X TeX] Newer Latin Modern

Jonathan Kew jonathan_kew at sil.org
Mon May 24 11:25:23 EDT 2004

On 24 May 2004, at 4:13 pm, Will Robertson wrote:

> PS Of course, it's another matter entirely if Mac OS X will *support* 
> this optically scaled font I'm hypothetically creating...

True, but one mildly encouraging note is that it does at least support 
the optical scaling axis in the old Type 1 Minion MM font, as can be 
verified by using this font with XeTeX. The AAT-info.tex sample file 
for XeTeX, run with Minion MM Roman, reports three supported axes of 
variation, Weight, Width, and Optical Size.

(Perhaps I should note, before somebody else points it out, that it 
fails to count the number of glyphs, illustrating that 
\XeTeXcountglyphs and \XeTeXglyph currently work only with TT and not 
T1-based fonts. That's one for the To Do list....)


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