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Holger Frauenrath mail at frauenrath.com
Mon Jan 31 15:10:46 EST 2005

On Jan 31, 2005, at 20:11, Simon Spiegel wrote:
> This error has nothing to do with BibDesk. BibTeX has a limit of the 
> size of the fields it can handle. Often this is simply a problem of 
> Mac vs Unix linebreaks. Check out if you have Mac line breaks in your 
> .bib file. Removing them may help you. If this doesn't do the trick 
> and your entry is really too big, there's little you can do, I have 
> bibtex fields which are too long for bibtex to handle. I was looking 
> for a bibtex version with bigger buffers some time, but was 
> unsuccesful then…

Well, I have checked line endings with BBEdit: they are UNIX (just to 
be sure, I saved it with UNIX line breaks). I also played around with 
the encoding. It does not make a difference for the reult.

It would be really sad if this little bibliography was too much too 
handle for BibTeX because this would mean I would have to stop using 
LaTeX for my research proposals altogether ... I must say I have a hard 
time to belive this, though.

There is two things I would like to know:

I somehow seem to remember that I ran into the same problem a long time 
ago, when I still used OzTeX on MacOS 9. It seems to me like there was 
some way to change some parameter that fixed this. Sorry for being so 
vague. Does anybody know about this?

One problem that *could* in fact make the bibliography files larger 
than they need to be (for the purpose of including them in LaTeX) is 
that Endnote exported all fields, including the somewhat lengthy 
abstracts etc. Is there a way to save/export a file in Bibdesk with 
certain fields only? I will change the Endnote export as well, but it 
would still be useful for me to know this for future use.

Thanks for all your kind help.

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