[OS X TeX] xdvipdfmx with xelatex

Jonathan Kew jonathan_kew at sil.org
Thu Dec 21 18:15:30 EST 2006

On 21 Dec 2006, at 10:42 pm, Philipp Mathey wrote:

> When I compile the file test.tex :
> \documentclass[12pt]{amsart}
> \usepackage{amsmath}
> \usepackage{amsthm}
> \usepackage{amsfonts}
> \usepackage{eucal}
> \usepackage{amssymb}
> \usepackage{graphics}
> \begin{document}
> Let $\mathcal{C}$ be a category and consider the
> set of morphisms $hom_{\mathcal{C}} (X,Y)$, for objects $X,Y \in  
> \mathcal{C}$.
> \end{document}
> with xelatex, both C's look nice.
> When I do
> xelatex -no-pdf test.tex
> xdvipdfmx -p letter -q -E test.xdv
> the first C looks fine, but not the second one.

I tried this here, and the C's look fine using either driver.

>> If you try the same test with latex + dvipdfmx, do you see the  
>> same problem?
> Same if use latex instead of xelatex.
> So I guess this is a xdvipdfmx-issue , independent of XeTeX ?

I suspect it must be a font configuration issue affecting the (x) 
dvipdfmx driver, and your setup is somehow different from mine. You  
could try running xdvidpfmx with the flag -vv to get some tracing  
output that shows what font files are used; maybe that will give a  
clue. I get:

Kew-PowerBookG4:~/Documents jonathan$ xdvipdfmx -vv test.xdv
DVI Comment:  XeTeX output 2006.12.21:2312
test.xdv -> test.pdf
<AGL:texglyphlist.txt>[1<cmr12 at 11.96pt(TFM:cmr12[/Volumes/Nenya/ 
fontmap: cmr12 -> cmr12[remap]

pdf_font>> Simple font "cmr12" enc_id=<builtin,-1> opened at  
 ><eusm10 at 11.96pt(TFM:eusm10[/Volumes/Nenya/texlive/Master/texmf-dist/ 
fontmap: eusm10 -> eusm10[remap]

pdf_font>> Simple font "eusm10" enc_id=<builtin,-1> opened at  
 ><cmmi12 at 11.96pt(TFM:cmmi12[/Volumes/Nenya/texlive/Master/texmf-dist/ 
fontmap: cmmi12 -> cmmi12[remap]

pdf_font>> Simple font "cmmi12" enc_id=<builtin,-1> opened at  
 ><eusm8 at 7.97pt(TFM:eusm8[/Volumes/Nenya/texlive/Master/texmf-dist/ 
fontmap: eusm8 -> eusm7[remap]

pdf_font>> Simple font "eusm7" enc_id=<builtin,-1> opened at  
 ><cmsy10 at 11.96pt(TFM:cmsy10[/Volumes/Nenya/texlive/Master/texmf-dist/ 
fontmap: cmsy10 -> cmsy10[remap]

pdf_font>> Simple font "cmsy10" enc_id=<builtin,-1> opened at  
 ><cmr9 at 8.97pt(TFM:cmr9[/Volumes/Nenya/texlive/Master/texmf-dist/ 
fontmap: cmr9 -> cmr9[remap]

pdf_font>> Simple font "cmr9" enc_id=<builtin,-1> opened at  
 >](cmr12[CMR12][built-in][Type1][24 glyphs][3034 bytes])(eusm10 
[EUSM10][built-in][Type1][2 glyphs][466 bytes])(cmmi12[CMMI12][built- 
in][Type1][7 glyphs][1428 bytes])(eusm7[EUSM7][built-in][Type1][2  
glyphs][466 bytes])(cmsy10[CMSY10][built-in][Type1][2 glyphs][351  
bytes])(cmr9[CMR9][built-in][Type1][2 glyphs][326 bytes])
Compression eliminated approximately 1607 bytes
11877 bytes written

If, for example, the driver isn't finding a Type 1 version of eusm7  
on your system, that might account for the discrepancy.


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