[OS X TeX] IEEE pdf checker

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Wed Apr 9 06:59:25 EDT 2008

Le 9 avr. 08 à 12:28, Bridget Kane a écrit :

> Herb's sollution got rid of most of the errors, so the solution  
> worked - almost.  Just one error was returned from the IEEE pdf  
> checker. That  error is
> "Error Acrobat version is less than 5.0"
> If Herb or someone can suggest how to get rid of this one, I'd  
> appreciate it

Does it help to add, in TeXShop's Preferences > Engine > TeX + dvips +  
distiller > LaTeX, the option

--distiller ps2pdf14


simpdftex latex --maxpfb

By default the distiller called by TeXShop is ps2pdf, a symlink to  
ps2pdf13, returning PDF 1.3 output, which is Acrobat 4-and-later  
compatible. The above option should tell TeXShop to call ps2pdf14,  
returning PDF 1.4 output, which is Acrobat 5-and-later compatible.

Hope this works,

Bruno Voisin

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