[OS X TeX] missing symbols in mathptmx with pdftex

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Tue Jan 29 02:34:07 EST 2008

Le 29 janv. 08 à 07:05, Nathan Sanders a écrit :

> The relevant documents, when opened in Acrobat, reveal that the  
> following fonts are in use by the PDFs:
> 	gwTeX version:
> 	CMR10, Symbol, Times-Italic, Times-Roman
> 	TeXLive version:
> 	CMR10, NimbusRomNo9L-Regu, NimbusRomNo9L-ReguItal, StandardSymL
> Since the variables look the same and don't have any display issues,  
> but the symbols (both the summation and the infinity) are different,  
> it looks like the problem lies in the Symbol font... and lo and  
> behold, when I try to use the Symbol font elsewhere, in Microsoft  
> Word for example, I'm told that it is not available on my system!
> So, more digging is required.  I've got to see why (a) my Symbol  
> font is broken, (b) why I can't install Font Utilities or  
> ImageMagick, and (c) why my friend's computer seems to have the same  
> problems.

Your gwTeX system is apparently set up to use the original Adobe fonts  
Times, Symbol and the like, which are not included in gwTeX (nor  
TeXLive), instead of the public-domain URW clones Nimbus etc., which  
are included in gwTeX (and TeXLive).

This is defined by the LW35 variable in /usr/local/gwTeX/texmf.local/ 
web2c/updmap.cfg. Standard setup is:

# LW35
# Which fonts for the "Basic 35 Laserwriter Fonts" do you want to use  
# how are the filenames chosen? Valid settings:
#   URW:     URW fonts with "vendor" filenames (e.g. n019064l.pfb)
#   URWkb:   URW fonts with "berry" filenames (e.g. uhvbo8ac.pfb)
#   ADOBE:   Adobe fonts with "vendor" filenames (e.g. hvnbo___.pfb)
#   ADOBEkb: Adobe fonts with  "berry" filenames (e.g. phvbo8an.pfb)
LW35 URWkb

I imagine in your case the variable value must be ADOBE(kb).

You may also have issues with dvipsDownloadBase35,  
pdftexDownloadBase14 and dvipdfmDownloadBase14. When set to true  
(which I recommend), these variables (also from updmap.cfg) tell  
dvips, pdfTeX and dvipdfm to include the fonts in the PDF files they  

To cure these problems if present, you should open the TeX i-Package  
in i-Installer and run Configure Only, make sure the relevant steps  
(those related to fonts) are checked, and then choose the proper value  
for each variable.

Hope this helps,

Bruno Voisin

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