[OS X TeX] MacTeX-2008; download sites and some answers

Richard Koch koch at math.uoregon.edu
Mon Sep 1 20:59:54 EDT 2008


On Sep 1, 2008, at 5:00 PM, N Shah wrote:

> Hi Folks,
> Given that I use other parts of ImageMagick besides 'convert' and  
> that MacTeX 2008 (and, presumably 2009 going foward) don't include  
> those pieces, I've decided to install ImageMagick via MacPorts.   
> This is all well and good, MacTex need not install every useful but  
> not TeX related piece of software.

Both last year's and this year's MacTeX have a "Custom Install" option  
to cover precisely the case where you want to get Ghostscript,  
ImageMagick, etc., somewhere else. You could, for instance, choose to  
install ONLY TeX Live 2008, or you could choose to install TeX Live  
2008 and the GUI Applications, and in either case you won't get  
anything from Ghostscript or ImageMagick. To repeat, this custom  
install option was added precisely to cover your case.

> My question therefore is how do I uninstall the MacTeX 2007  
> ImageMagick so that it won't conflict with my soon-to-be-installed  
> MacPorts copy.  Normally, I'm able to figure out how to uninstall  
> stuff but ImageMagick with its many bits and pieces spread out over  
> many directories seems to a bit of a mystery.

Uninstalling ImageMagick from MacTeX 2007 is harder than uninstalling  
it from MacTeX 2008 precisely because last year's version was the full  
ImageMagick and contained shared libraries and other pieces, while  
this year's "convert" doesn't install much. To uninstall last year's  
version, you can use i-Installer (since last year's version came from  
Gerben) or read the uninstall page from



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