[OS X TeX] Lambda Bar Symbol

Richard J Benish rjbenish at teleport.com
Sun Aug 2 00:36:13 EDT 2009


Thank you very much.


At 7:01 PM -0700 8/1/09, Erik Jensen wrote:
>You should have the packages and fonts you need installed already in 
>any recent standard MacTeX install.
>One lambdabar is part of txfonts which you can get at by putting:
>just after the \documentclass line of your latex file. Then you get 
>lambdabar using:
>in the text (note it is accessed in mathmode (i.e. inside the $$ or 
>similar). There are a few different lambdabars in different packages 
>if you want a slightly different look- you can see them in Scott's 
>document you already looked at.
>On 1-Aug-09, at 5:23 PM, Richard J Benish wrote:
>>Would someone please explain the most painless way to get a 
>>Lambda-bar symbol (as for Compton wavelength, a lowercase lambda 
>>with a bar through the ascender)?
>>I've downloaded Scott Pakin's list of symbols and find three or 
>>four Lambda-bars with their commands. None of them work on my 
>>system (TexShop 2.10, OS 10.4.11).
>>I went to the website referred to by Pakin for more info, but I 
>>didn't see anything of help (or I didn't understand what I was 
>>looking at).
>>I've never loaded a new font for LaTex before. Every time I've 
>>thought about doing so, the appearance of complicated rigamarole 
>>has scared me away. But now I need a Lambda-bar. Please help.
>>Thanks a lot.
>>Richard Benish

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