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Wayne Richter richter at math.umn.edu
Mon Aug 3 12:36:51 EDT 2009

On Sun, 2 Aug 2009, Claus Gerhardt wrote:

> [snip]

> After reading the explanations of the comment.sty package let me suggest the 
> following which (again) I tried myself:
> Load comment.sty and create new comment environments versiona, versionb, 
> ...by defining e.g., versiona
> \includecomment{versiona}
> %\excludecomment{versiona}
> Then
> \begin{versiona}
> \bp
> 788mmm 9
> \ep
> \end{versiona}
> will show the proof and unccommenting \excludecomment{versiona} will invoke 
> the comment environment.
> Claus

>>> On Jul 31, 2009, at 17:15, Wayne Richter wrote:
>>>> Is there a convenient way to get a PDF file from a math latex file that
>>>> prints just: Definitions;
>>>>          statement of Theorems, Lemmas, etc;
>>>>          (perhaps) Remarks (some flexibility would be nice)
>>>> but no Proofs or general exposition?
>>>> It is possible to comment everything unwanted out,
>>>> but there must be an easier way. Is there a package or
>>>> some other convenient way of doing this? Perhaps within a table of 
>>>> contents package?
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> Wayne Richter

I ended up with the following that works beautifully (at least my 
computer has not exploded yet).

in the preamble put:


% \excludecomment{proof}

prints all proofs, and


omits all proofs!
No changes to the body of the manuscript are needed

Is there a reason why this method should not be used?

Caution: As pointed out in the comment.sty package,
do not leave a blank space before either
\begin{proof}, or \end{proof} in the body of the manuscript, or
it gives an error message. It took me an hour to find the error.

Many, many thanks to Claus, and also to Themis, who explained how to
do similar things with the memoir package.


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