[OS X TeX] Placement of page-sized figure

Richard J Benish rjbenish at teleport.com
Sat Jul 10 22:43:24 EDT 2010

>Something like this has worked for me:
>\advance\myht -.5in %or a bit less
>width, .5 in left below
>\caption{Regular caption}

That looks interesting. I found a workaround that I hesitate to 
fiddle with since it does what I want. So I will keep your suggestion 
as something to explore later.

What I've found involves


It was recommended in the document, Using Imported Graphics in LaTeX 
and pdfLaTeX by Keith Reckdahl.

In this document I also found a curious comment about one of the  h, 
t, b, and p commands:

"In fact, the  [h] option should never be used. It is so bad that 
recent versions of LaTeX automatically change it to [ht]."

I don't know whether, in current versions, this is supposed to have 
been fixed. Regardless, in my naive way, I think of [h] as meaning, 
"put the thing here." Is that so hard for the program to understand? 
When my command is refused, I pull my hair. To me, it's the most 
important of the 4 options, which ought to work every time.

Anyhow, thanks much for your suggestion.


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